Hello, welcome to the Year 8 Science page.

This page will give you some information about things that you will study during your first year in St Paul’s. Whether or not you have studied this subject at primary school, we’re sure you will find the information below helpful.


Topics covered in Science during Year 8 include:

  • Investigating Science
  • Materials and Matter
  • Energy and Forces
  • Magnetism and Electricity
  • Classification
  • Adaptation
  • Environment and Pollution
  • Food chains and Webs
  • Cells and Body Systems


There is differentiation within these topics for students of differing abilities. Students cover the attainment targets for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Attainment target 1 is practical investigative work and this is covered in each of the above topics.

Each student has a self assessment booklet which they use after each assessment which is completed at the end of every topic.