Homework & Oscail 24/7

DSC_6151In Year 8, students will be given around fifteen minutes per night on each homework item. Homework is both important and necessary and if done regularly throughout school it can be equivalent to an additional year of study!

Students will regularly be encouraged to complete revision and homework online using the school’s learning platform, Oscail 24/7 and also using other online learning tools like Yacapaca, and Edmodo.  Your child’s teacher will explain in detail how students can access learning material.  We will always make provision for students who may not have access to ICT equipment at home.

On evenings where there is little homework, revision should be undertaken. Try to encourage your child to do their homework at the same time each day in a quiet place where they are free from distraction.

Students are likely to achieve more by working regularly for relatively short periods (approximately thirty minutes at a time) than in a single long session when their concentration will lapse. The TV and radio should be turned off and ideally they should do their work at a table or desk.

It is important that homework is not left until last thing at night as your child will be tired and unable to produce work which does justice to his/her ability. Above all, they should plan ahead to make the best use of time and not leave projects, coursework or homework until the last minute!

At the beginning of each year each student is given a Student Planner. This has a number of functions;

  • To remind the students of the homework they have each night
  • To give teachers an opportunity to communicate with parents and vice versa.