Hello from Mrs Wilson, Learning Support Co-ordinator


My name is Mrs Maria Wilson.  I am the SENCo in St Paul’s.  It is my job to get help for anyone needing a little extra assistance with his or her work.

I work very closely with all of the Form Teachers and with Mrs McMahon (Vice-Principal) and Mrs McMahon (Head of the DEN). I also work closely with all of the Classroom Assistants or Teaching Support staff.

If you feel that, you need a little extra help with your work in St Paul’s you should speak to your Form Teacher, parent or guardian.  They will then contact me.  I meet regularly with lots of parents.  We can have a chat and find a solution to help you do your best.

I hope you really enjoy your time in St Paul’s.  There are so many people here to help you learn.  Always remember to ask for help if you need it.

Maria Wilson
Learning Support Co-ordinator