Hello from Mrs Morgan, School Librarian

Dear Readers!

The School Library is a great learning resource here in St. Paul’s. It is a quiet, comfortable, relaxing environment where you can read, research for projects or use the Internet.

Our purpose built Library is situated on the second floor of the main classroom block next to the Post-16 Study and near to ICT and Careers. It has the capacity to accommodate a class of 30 pupils as well as offering up to 30 Post-16 study seats.

The extensive book stock offers pupils a wide variety of resources and includes fiction, non-fiction and reference. There are currently over 12,000 books as well as a range of magazines, CDs videos and DVDs.

There are currently ten networked computers with Internet access and the full range of Microsoft Applications.

Year 8 pupils visit the library once every week with their English teacher but are also encouraged to use the library before and after school to research projects. In Year 8 the pupils participate in a Library Skills Programme to enable them to use the facilities effectively.

Issuing books is now done by fingerprint recognition and each Year 8 pupil will have their fingerprint scanned on their first visit to the library. A new state of the art security system has also been installed.

There are many events and competitions for Year 8 pupils throughout the year including the Year 8 Christmas Poetry Competition in December, World Book Day in March, and School Book Week in April. Information on all Library events can be found on the Library News page on our school website.

Our Library is named after Mr. Michael Warde who was our first School Principal back in 1966 when the school was opened. It was officially opened by him in December 2005.

I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Happy Reading!


Mrs Michelle Morgan
School Librarian