Hello from Mrs McEvoy, Year Head

Dear Primary 7 pupil

I would like to take this opportunity to say hello, and thank you for your interest in St Paul’s High School.

This is a time of great change for you and also for St Paul’s. You have arrived at a very exciting time in your life, as you begin the transition from primary school to post-primary school.

As your Year Head, I appreciate that it will be a daunting time trying to find your way in such a big school, but don’t worry, after a few days it will be as if you were here for years!

When you arrive at our school in late August, you will firstly be placed into your new class and will meet your Form Teacher who will be there to help and guide you during your time here in St Paul’s. If you have any worries or problems, your Form Teacher is the person to turn to for assistance.

In Year 8, you will meet your Form Teacher every day at Registration and I will speak to you at our weekly Assembly.

Like any large organisation, St Paul’s has a set of rules which are there to help us all and I know you will pay close attention to them. Both your form teacher and subject teachers will help you become familiar with these rules.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your time in St Paul’s. You will meet some old friends, make many new ones and have many opportunities to develop all your talents!

Mrs Laura McEvoy
Head of Year 8 (from September 2023)