Learning for Life & Work


DSC_5803Learning for Life & Work (also know as LLW) is a fun and exciting subject.


In Year 8 Learning for Life & Work, students study three areas:

•Personal Development


•Local & Global Citizenship



Personal Development 


Within Personal Development you will study:


•Self-awareness: considering the importance of self confidence and self esteem to physical and emotional/mental health throughout life.


•Relationships: recognising and managing factors that may influence physical and emotional/ mental health throughout life.


•Personal health: forming and maintaining relationships to physical and emotional/mental health throughout life.





Within Employability you will study:


•Career management: the changing concept of career, lifelong learning and the development of skills for work.


•Work in the local and global economy: the changing nature of work and the impact of global interdependence.


•Enterprise and entrepreneurship: the need for creativity, enterprise and innovation.



Local and Global Citizenship 


Within Local and Global Citizenship you will study:


•Diversity and Inclusion: considering diversity in societies and identifying the challenges and opportunities which diversity and inclusion present.


•Human Rights and Social Responsibility: understanding that a globally accepted values base exists that reflects the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups in democratic society.


•Equality and Social Justice: understanding the need to safeguard individual and collective rights.


•Democracy and active participation: understanding how to participate in and influence democratic processes and to be aware of some key democratic institutions.