A message for parents


Each year, St Paul’s High School welcomes more than two hundred new students to our school. Although most of our new students can’t wait to make the step up look forward to join their new school, there are always some worries and anxieties which can affect children as they prepare themselves for the change.

Research has shown that the top ten worries are;

  • Being bullied
  • Not making friends
  • Homework
  • Not being able to do the work
  • Getting to and from school
  • Not being properly equipped for class
  • Not knowing what to do if there is a problem
  • Not getting on with the teachers
  • Getting into trouble


Added to all of these are the many aspects of life in St Paul’s which are different to primary school. Children have to get to know many teachers, wear a new uniform, find their way around the school, cope with a new and complex timetable and may have to travel further to get to school. They will also be responsible for having the correct books in for the many subjects they do and will experience new and different teaching and learning styles eg note taking, summarising and referencing. The good news is that after two weeks in school, most of these worries have disappeared as your child begins to learn the new routines and organisational skills necessary in St Paul’s.

The aim of this website is to provide you with the information you need to help your child to achieve independence, while supporting them in getting there. Time spent early in establishing habits of work and independence is an investment that will save endless time, battles and heartache in the long run. The habits and routines that children develop in Year 8 are those that will stay with them throughout their time in St Paul’s and often throughout their working lives.

We ask you to navigate through this website with your child. In doing so, you will become aware of our school routines, procedures and policies and will know what to do if a difficulty does arise. We look forward to welcoming and educating your child and helping them acquire the attitudes and values required to negotiate the challenges of teenage and adult life.


The Pastoral Team at St Paul’s High School