Environment and Society

Hello, welcome to the Year 8 Environment and Society page.


This page will give you some information about things that you will study during your first year in St Paul’s.  Whether or not you have studied this subject at primary school, we’re sure you will find the information below helpful.


For Year 8 students the subjects of Geography and History are combined into the one subject of Environment and Society.


Topics covered include:

  • 1. Geographical Skills: Latitude and longitude, continents and oceans and map skills.
  • 2. Classification of Geographical Features: Human and physical features and identification.
  • 3. Historical features: Time and sources as well as timelines.
  • 4. Graphs and Enquiry skills: Collecting primary data and constructing graphs, analyzing and interpreting data.
  • 5. My Identity Project: Research and managing information about family and place.
  • 6. Normans and Medieval Life: Battle of Hastings, castles, Norman conquest of Ireland.
  • 7. Settlement: Patterns, process of urbanisation, hierarchies.
  • 8. Carrickfergus Castle Project: Following a field trip to Dromore Motte and Bailey and Carrickfergus Castle



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