Hello, welcome to the Year 8 Art page.


This page will give you some information about things that you will study during your first year in St Paul’s.  Whether or not you have studied this subject at primary school, we’re sure you will find the information below helpful.


DSC_6371Topics covered in Art & Design in Year 8 are:


    • Graphics – Name and Logo,
    • Colour – Colour circle, tints and shades,
    • Painting – Self-portrait
    • I.C.T. – Christmas card design
    • Fine Art/Collage – Landscape
    • Texture – House theme,
    • Repeat Pattern – Colourway,
    • Pointillism – Butterfly theme,
    • Ceramics – 3D pot
    • Textile Design – Fabric work.


Our Attainment Targets are:

  • Investigating through researching, recording, experimenting and analysing and Realising thoughts, feelings and ideas through the use of visual elements
  • In Year 8 emphasis will be placed on experimenting with a variety of media and recording ideas.


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