Lunchtime at St Paul’s

DSC_8379In St Paul’s we operate a ‘staggered’ lunch system.

Year 8 Lunch lasts from 12:00 pm until 12.40pm. Students have three options during lunchtime: school dinners, packed lunch, or going home.

All students purchase dinners using fingerprint technology. Students who have free dinners have their £2.80 allowance credited to their account each day, but are unable carry this money over, or spend more than this amount without topping their account up at one of our revaluation units which are located at various points in the school building.

School dinners consist of a hot meal with a varied choice, a ‘hand held’ dessert and a fruit juice drink.

School dinners are recommended as they represent good value for money and all students to eat together in a relaxed, social situation.

For those who take lunch, healthy eating is encouraged and we would ask that glass bottles are not given to students with their lunch.

If you wish your child to go home for lunch, a signed note is required. A laminated pass will be issued upon receipt of this note.

Healthy Break

Students have a break which lasts from 10.30 am until 10.40 am. Year 8 students take their break in class with the classroom teacher present.

St Paul’s recognises that good attitudes towards food are established in childhood, as eating habits developed at this stage are carried out throughout life. The most suitable drinks are water, fruit juice and diluted orange. Fizzy drinks are not recommended The most suitable foods are fruit, yoghurts, cream crackers, bread or plain biscuits.

We ask for your support in promoting a healthy break in St Paul’s.