KS3 Drama curriculum is based upon developing pupil imagination, communication and creativity whilst assessing their progress in the three essential areas of making, performing and responding in Drama.


Drama is a natural progression of creative thoughts being transposed into dramatic activity.  Therefore, we tailor early drama classes in Year 8 to find out more about individual interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes and to ensure that a comfortable learning environment is created.

It is our experience that pupils settle quickly into their forms and add new friends to their circle we also take account of this and ensure that these changes in friendships are a positive part of the students’ experiences in drama.

Drama is about working confidently in groups and using a wide range of drama techniques to explore situations and devise drama through improvisation and for different purposes.

We aspire towards an active participation in story theatre, mask work and mime in physical theatre.  Establishment of a character with movement and voice plays a major role in our formative drama classes.

Reflection of work completed plays a crucial part and evaluation of own and others’ work builds a confident foundation for our new Year 8 pupils.

We are aware of the transition and its effects both in terms of school size, teacher-pupil relationships and peer groups.  The Drama department ensures that self-esteem is encouraged and enhanced as Primary 7 pupils move into their Year 8 group in St Paul’s High School.